Totally Integrated

Fusing conventional and complementary care approaches

Caring Clinical Team

Who truly see you and believe in your ability to regain balance

Truly Holistic

Synergistically targeting every aspect of your wellbeing

Long Term Outlook

Treatment programs designed to help you achieve lasting wellness

Kiasi means Temperance or Balance in Swahili, the language of East Africa. These two words perfectly depict the goal of pursuing sound Behavioral Health

Our intention is to aid people dealing with Mental Health Difficulties and/or Chemical Dependency problems to achieving long-lasting wellness, using our unique

“Totally Integrative Approach”

that focuses equally on the Brain, Mind, Body, and Spirit.

This way, Kiasi Retreats is not just a physical location but a spiritually tempered and balanced place, embodied by every person we serve.





We specialize in treating individuals who are dealing with one or more behavioural health challenges at the same time.

This is important because mental health disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder often occur alongside Chronic Pain/ Illness as well as Chemical/Process dependency.


Majority of individuals who battle with mental health problems have suffered some trauma, either in childhood or as adults that drives or exacerbates their condition. 

Kiasi Retreats goes above and beyond just being trauma-informed to working to get to the bottom of every client’s trauma, as well as being able to respond swiftly to its effects.


Countless modern scientific research proves that the practices of mindfulness and meditation are significant for improved cognitive function and overall wellbeing.

At Kiasi Retreats, Mindfulness and meditation is not a side intervention. It is infused in every aspect of our treatment  protocol.

They Changed My Life!

“Kiasi Retreats has been the most fulfilling part of my journey in every aspect. It gave me family, friendship, and a new sense of purpose in this very important chapter of my life. Thanks for changing my life for the better!”

Kayla W


The Level Of Care They Have Shown My Son Is Next-Level

Our son entered into Kiasi Retreats IOP program as somewhat of a difficult case. He had gone through three episodes prior to his 21st birthday and still struggled to feel well. He was a very sweet kid though, and the good people at Kiasi Retreats saw that in him. 

Prior to Kiasi Retreats, our son was never really given personalized attention and rarely had anyone get to truly know him.

That all changed at Kiasi Retreats. They not only got to know our son, but we believe they truly cared for our son. They went out of their way for him, all with the goal of helping him grow past his issues. It was our experience that the people at Kiasi would do their job for free if they had the means. They are mission-oriented, unlike the places my son had been before. The level of care they’ve shown our son is next-level, and we so appreciate every ounce of their mighty effort!”

 Proud Parent




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