Admissions Information

Here, we tell you how you can let us be your partner in recovery. We discuss all you need to begin this transformative journey.

Totally Integrated

Fusing conventional and complementary care approaches

Caring Clinical Team

who really see you and believe in your ability to regain balance

Truly Holistic

synergistically targeting every aspect of your wellbeing

Long Term Outlook

Treatment programs designed to help you achieve lasting wellness

Where To Start

Becoming one of our valued clients begins by calling our admissions hotline on  1-800-993-6177. One of our excellent Care Coordinators will be available to offer you a completely FREE consultation session. In this session, they will discuss your current health situation and answer any questions you may have. They will also set you up for an appointment with a therapist for an initial evaluation and assessment session. 

Some clients would like to have a look at our facility to get a sneak peek of where they would be receiving help. We completely understand this and do our best to accommodate it where possible. We are able to arrange a Personalized Walking Tour of our facility, where you are paired with one of our lovely client advocates to show you around. You may even get to meet some of our other clinical staff too, depending on the time and day. Again, you can simply call our admissions Hotline on 1-800-993-6177 to request a Tour.


How To Pay

Kiasi Retreats is credentialed with most Major Insurance Companies as an Out Of Network Provider. We, therefore, accept most Preferred Provider Organisation (PPO) Insurance plans. To see how much of your treatment will be covered by your insurance plan, you simply need to verify your Insurance benefits here.  Again, If you prefer, you could simply call our Admissions hotline on 1-800-993-6177, and one of our care coordinators can confirm your insurance benefits for you.

We also have Private Pay Options available for Clients who would rather pay for their treatment in Cash for privacy reasons or otherwise.

What To Expect

From the first contact you make with us at Kiasi Retreats, you can expect to receive a warm, friendly and personalized service. Your first meeting, after you arrive, will be a ninety (90) minute assessment that will enable us to get to know you better and individualize your treatment.

To this meeting, you will bring along the following:

  • Your Identification (ID) and Insurance Cards,
  • A List of Your Prescription Medication(s) 
  • The Names and Phone Numbers of any Doctors, Therapists or other Professionals you are currently working with. 


We know first hand how daunting this process of seeing help for emotional difficulty can be for many. We are committed to holding your hand and walking you through every step so that your transition into treatment with us is as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

We now encourage you to take the first act of bravery by calling us on 1-800-993-6177  


Verify Your Benefits With Your Insurance Company

Kiasi Retreats accepts most major PPO insurance policies. Some or all of your treatment costs may be covered by your insurance plan. Click on the button below to verify your benefits. It’s completely free.