Our Programs

Here, we tell you a little about the different treatment programs we have on offer for you at Kiasi Retreats. Find the one that suits you best!

Totally Integrated

Fusing conventional and complementary care approaches

Caring Clinical Team

Who truly see you and believe in your ability to attain balance

Truly Holistic

Synergistically targeting every aspect of your wellbeing

Long Term Outlook

Treatment programs designed to help you achieve lasting wellness

Standard Behavioural Health Services

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

Behavioural care begins with a thorough understanding of the true emotional state of a standalone individual or the interaction between individuals in a defined unit such as couples and families.

Clinicians at Kiasi Retreats begin their support for you by working one-on-one with you, to understand you as a person, the difficulties you face and the best way to help you restore balance in your life, whether you are an adult or a child.

They are specially trained to do the same for individuals in crucial human relationship frameworks such as couples and families. This is because the state of frameworks such as marriages and family systems drive the emotional wellness of the individuals within it. 

Pychological Assessment and Testing

Psychological tests and assessments are used to clearly determine behavioural conditions that a person may be struggling with. Conditions like learning disorders, emotional disorders, cognitive abilities/disabilities and even traumatic brain injuries can all be pinpointed using psychological tests and assessments.

Our licenced clinicians use a combination of questionnaires, checklists, standardized tests, surveys, interviews, medical evaluations and observational data to piece together an accurate picture of a person’s strengths and limitations so that they can receive targeted treatment and support for an improved quality of life.

Medication Management

Often, medications are used to manage a behavioural health condition. It also happens that the doses or formulations of these medications have to be adjusted as clients build tolerance or resistance towards them.

After careful assessments and evaluations, licenced clinicians at Kiasi Retreats advocate for our clients by making timely referrals to appropriate prescription writing professionals for medication adjustments.

As a result of our strong focus on integrated care, our clients who suffer from medication-resistant disorders benefit from myriad other therapeutic options to help them find relief. This way, there is always hope for healing.

Specialized Treatment Programs

Certain clients require a more structured treatment protocol. This is especially recommended for clients who have attendant chronic health conditions, multiple mental health disorders occurring together, or those whose emotional difficulty is negatively impacting their quality of life such that you no longer enjoy your daily activities the way you used to or should.

At Kiasi Retreats, we offer targeted intensive treatment for specialized client populations based on their specific behavioural health challenges. We use a synergistic combination of regular individual, couple, family and group therapy alongside state -of the art core and psychoeducation as well as complementary therapies, all administered by an integrated treatment team.

This enables us to quickly bring adverse symptoms under control, restore emotional balance to our clients and empower them with new understanding, skills and effective tools to maintain their emotional balance and increase their zeal for life!

Trauma and Mood Disorder Program

This program is targeted at adults dealing with PTSD, Anxiety Spectrum Disorders, Major and Persistent Depression, medication-resistant depression and Bipolar Disorders.

It is also especially beneficial for adults who are living with chronic health conditions such as Chronic Pain Syndrome Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and are suffering from anxiety and depression as a result. 

Maternal Anxiety and Depression Program

Bringing new life into the world is the most significant job on earth. The process of pregnancy, delivery and nursing a new child is definitely a life-altering occurrence that can take its toll on a woman’s physical and emotional well-being.

This program is aimed at both expecting and new moms who are struggling with symptoms of prenatal and postpartum anxiety or depression. Clinicians at Kiasi Retreats are experienced at helping these strong women regain their confidence in themselves as mothers.

Levels Of Care

Partial Hospitalization

This program is best suited to people who have just been newly disgnosed with a mental health disorder or have  just completed an inpatient or residential treatment program.

Treatment is offerred for a minimumof  six (6) hours a day, five (5) days a week. 

Intensive Outpatient

Clients at this level of care are  experiencing significant difficulty in coping with their mental health concerns and will benefit from skills acquisition to manage their condition adequately.

Treatment is offered for minimum 3 hours per day and  3-5 days per week, depending on symptom severity. 

Simple Outpatient

Clients at this level are much more stable and can now maintain work or school responsibility. They are now able to practice the skills acquired during treatment but still need clinical accountability to stay in line with expectations.

Treatment at this level involves  weekly individual therapy sessions.

Continuing Aftercare

This very important program is for clients who are now considered secure in their mental health and are in control again with  their private and professional lives.

Regular contact and stong connection to clinical support and education is the key here,  to mainatining long-term emotional balance.

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